ShareWealth Academy

Sharewealth Acadamy is proud to introduce Investment Trainings based on 25 years of experience and success in both Bull and Bear market.

Against the backdrop of the Global Recession and amidst UNSOUND Investment and Financial Management which resulted in loss of investor confidence,Sharewealth is Proud to Bring Smart & Reliable Investment Education and Training Services to the Middle East, Asia.

Our aim is to provide a program of sound investment information, education, and support that helps create successful lifetime investors.

By becoming confident, knowledgeable investors, we strive to empower the MENA Region by smart education to build better financial futures for themselves and their families.

1. Sharewealth is able to pass the gift of over 10 years of investment education to the next generation.
2. We teach you how to successfully build & manage wealth.
3. All the education and resources you need to be successful.
4. Wise investment can seem like a science and an art, But we teach you in, clear and defined steps, with sound and easy to follow curriculum to develop a solid base.
5. Learn how to create an individual strategy to become secure, comfortable, and wealthy.
6. Knowledge that builds wealth and skills base that will add a lifetime value to you and a valuable asset for your company.

Sharewealth Programs include:

1. The Different Between Investing and Gambling.
2. The Essence of Successful Portfolio Management.
3. Commodity futures trading .
4. Currency futures trading .

Sharewealth also able to render specialized Consultancy Services for:

1. Portfolio Monitoring & Investment Management.
2. Retirement Planning.
3. Related Financial Consultation.
4. For Prospective Clients.
5. High Quality & Diversification.
6. Risk Versus Volatility.
7. Time Horizon.
8. Stocks.
9. Market Timing.
10. Investing for Total Return.
11. Market Returns.
12. Security Selection.
13. Mutual Funds: Lower.
14. Derivatives.
15. Initial Public Offerings.
16. Portfolio Monitoring.
17. Taxes.
18. Portfolio Advisors.

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