Sharewealth showcases an array of investment products, each with its own distinct prospects and profitability. An investor with Sharewealth has the edge to choose from our variety of investment services ranging From Currency futures to bullion market . Moreover it provides you with a chance to diversify your investments and benefit from a variety of markets.

Count on Sharewealth for delivering its products and services within the stipulated time frame. Be it matters pertaining to Trading, Forex, or Futures and Options. Following products you can trade through sharewealth in DGCX.

Metals  Currencies   Energy
Gold Futures Indian Rupee-Dollar Futures WTI Crude Futures
Silver Futures Indian Rupee-Dollar Options Brent Crude Futures
Gold Options Euro-Dollar Futures Fuel Oil Futures 
Steel Futures   British Sterling-Dollar Futures
   Japanese Yen-Dollar Futures
Australian Dollar-US Dollar Futures
   Canadian Dollar-US Dollar Futures
   Swiss Franc-Dollar Futures

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