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ShareWealth Commercial Brokers LLC (ShareWealth UAE) Invites businesses and individuals worldwide ,who have professional services experience and extensive client network , to become introducing Broker (IB) with the Dubai gold and commodity exchange through Sharewealth Commercial brokers.

     DGCX is fully automated online commodity exchange strategically located in Dubai , DGCX Is the first international commodity derivative market place in time zone between Europe and the far east. Dgcx was an initiative created by Dubai multi commodity centre(DMCC) the government of Dubai (as majority share holder of Dmcc ) and financial technologies (India) and Multi commodity exchange of India ltd( MCX).

     As a truly international commodity derivative exchange, DGCX offers a diverse range of products including gold ,currencies ,crude oil,silver,and steel futures with electronic trading accessible anywhere in the world.


The ShareWealth Advantage:
     As one of the leading Brokerage houses, ShareWealth occupied with all investor friendly investment tools with cutting edge technology and market research .and professional support. Any nationality, corporates, other entities can trade in DGCX directly through ShareWealth anytime any where through our electronic trading platforms.

Why become a DGCX IB through ShareWealth
     By becoming an IB with DGCX through ShareWealth you will incur significantly lower startup cost by providing advanced trading platforms to your clients to trade directly with DGCX

     As an IB, ShareWealth will share with you a percentage of the brokerage fees based on your clients trades As an IB you will have ability to offer your clients a wider array of financial products available through investment opportunities offered by DGCX .By offering your clients this unique opportunity to diversify their products by adding alternative investments products offered by DGCX. These clients will be less inclined to seek investment opportunities elsewhere given today’s ultra –competitive environment for alternative investment products, this gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. As an IB , your clients still belongs to you, We simply Provide your clients with all of the necessary support and training so that your clients will gain a solid understanding on how to trade commodities futures on our state –of-the-art internet trading platforms .

Advantages to your clients
     As a part of our continues commitment to provide quality service and support both to our IBs and their clients in accordance with DGCX Rules and Regulations, we will provide customize hands –on service and support including ,

     Multi level training for your clients to gain solid understanding and comfort level on how to trade commodities futures on our state-of-art internet trading platforms

     Insightful, research and analysis reports emailed on both daily and weekly basis and live Recommendation during market hours.

IB Eligibility and Application requirements
An IB Applicant:
1. Can be any nationality
2. Can be a Resident inside or Outside the UAE.
3. Cab be a Business or an individual.
4. Should have professional services Experience and significant client network.

An IB Applicant must:
1. Submit the application to DGCX through ShareWealth.
2. Sign the agreement with ShareWealth.
3. Submit to ShareWealth the supporting documents prescribed by DGCX.
4. IB Applications are subject to approval by DGCX and Emirates Securities and commodities authority (ESCA).

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Business Associates with Us

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